Bridgetown Records Summer Sampler

The track record for Kevin Greenspon’s Bridgetown Records is quite incredible, with perhaps his biggest accomplishment in the first release of Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings’ Turning On LP at the end of last year.  Here’s is a few tracks from his summer releases, including up-and-comers Weed Diamond and Vehicle.  You can buy the CDs or CDrs separately for around $6-8, or buy them all together for $30, you decide what’s the best deal (hint: I got the summer batch).  Here’s the write-ups that come along with the sampler:

Kindest LinesKindest Lines CDr (Bridgetown #31) – MySpace
New Orleans trio Kindest Lines draw from minimal synth, post-punk and a host of other genres to offer a self-titled debut overflowing with a rich, dreamy warmth and unique character that so many of their peers lack. Painstakingly mixed and produced, this release is by far the highest fidelity recording the label has to offer thus far.
Weed DiamondCarry On + Sweater Kids combo CD (Bridgetown #30) – MySpace
Colorado’s Weed Diamond follow up a string of splits and singles on Bathetic, Transparent, and Half Machine with a new EP of their finest recordings yet. The band’s songwriting and production capabilities on Carry On eclipse the entirety of the band’s back catalog to date. As a bonus, the long sold-out Sweater Kids cassette has been re-mixed and remastered as well, finally receiving the treatment it deserves, for a total of 13 songs in all. Full-color artwork and pro-manufactured disc shrinkwrapped in jewel case.
Ancient CruxStage Fright + Live in LA combo CDr (Bridgetown #29) – MySpace
After a split 7″ with Weed Diamond, split tape with Ouija on Hi Shadow, and EP/comp appearance on Family Time, pop mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Travis Von Sydow returns with the brand new Stage Fright EP to showcase a never-before-seen side of the band that will surprise longtime fans. Also included is a high-energy live album (8 tracks) of a recent performance at Pehrspace in Los Angeles recorded by yours truly, and including new, unreleased songs.
David JaberiOut CDr (Bridgetown #28) – MySpace
David Jaberi blends the DIY aesthetic of his Pacific Northwest indie pop/folk tourmates and contemporaries (Karl Blau, Cole Moldy) with the sound and swagger of Top 40 R&B greats on this new 9 song album. Funky bass-driven pop tunes with a bit of hip hop synth squiggle… 90’s style.
R. SawyerI Burn CDr (Bridgetown #27) – MySpace
25 minutes of pristine and delicate guitar compositions backed by field recordings and vocal/tape loops that contrast between themes of light and dark while melodies unfold into and out of themselves when least expected.
Junior LowHeavy CDr (Bridgetown #26) – Junior Low
JT from Weed Diamond offers a new solo full-length of sugary sweet and beyond blown-out rock tunes fused together by intense interludes. Heavy finds JT crafting songs with a refined focus and immediacy only hinted at by his previous cassette on Leftist Nautical Antiques. Best enjoyed on the highway with the windows down and stereo up.
Vehicle BluesChanger CD (Bridgetown #25) – MySpace
Brilliantly catchy shoegaze pop songs documenting the lonely move from Kansas to Chicago in Winter of 2008. Complex and subtle layers of hypnotic ambient guitar textures ripple below the shiny surface of this high-fidelity bedroom masterpiece. The label’s first professionally manufactured compact disc. Packaged in shrinkwrapped jewel case.

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