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Bears Release Show, New Song, & Music Saves In-Store

Bears’ fantastic third album, Greater Lakes, is on the verge of its wide release. The Greater Lakes release show will be at the Grog Shop tomorrow, along with great local pop band Afternoon Naps and the Lighthouse & the Whaler. And before that show, Bears will be playing a special acoustic show at Music Saves at 6. Here’s the Facebook events for the release show and Music Saves in-store. Also, they just released a new track from the album, “The City Still,” along with a remix by Low In The Sky.

MP3: || The City Still ||

MP3: || The City Still (Low in the Sky Remix) ||

Bears – “Eleven A.M.”

MP3: || Eleven A.M. ||

Let’s start 2012 on a great note! Cleveland pop heroes Bears released their highly anticipated third album, Greater Lakes, last week after their successful Kickstarter. Here’s the first track on the album, “Eleven A.M.,” a nice and dreamy pop doodle with Bears’ signature twee tones. I don’t think I’m alone in saying this it’s fantastic to have new Bears music, and they prove exactly why they’re still one of the best pop bands in Ohio. The album is officially out on Misra Records this February, and preorder for the clear vinyl and CD is up on Bears’ site or Misra’s shop.

Apology / Jurassic Park / Bears’ 3rd Album Cover

Okay, so I owe all of my faithful readers an apology. I have not been keeping up on The Noise Is a tenth as much as I would like. Here come the excuses…but school has been extra tough with graduation in sight and I’ve been kept busy in the meantime with Jurassic Park! Which brings me to my next point, which is that my little basement venue, Jurassic Park, which I briefly discussed with y’all last year, is now flourishing! We’ve got upcoming shows with Cloud Nothings, Total Babes, Sleeping Bag, husband&wife, Big Troubles, and The Beets! It’s gonna be a crazy rest of the year but if any of you live in the state of Indiana, you should try to come to a show.

And lastly, I got way too happy when Charlie McArthur released the beautiful cover art and album name, Greater Lakes, for Bears’ third record

Bears Third Album Preview

Cleveland pop heroes Bears just released an update on their Kickstarter saying that they’re 75% of the way to accomplishing their goal, and that they got the masters back for the album adding that they’re the best songs they’ve ever recorded.  So they put together a quick preview of five songs from the album, listen to them in the video above.  Also, they still need a little over a thousand bucks to hit the goal in their Kickstarter, so go help them out!

Kickstart Projects from Bears and Lowly, The Tree Ghost

A couple Cleveland bands need our help to get their music released! Cleveland pop heroes Bears have finished recording their long-awaited third album, but they still need help with mixing, mastering, and releasing it. Misra Records will be helping with the distribution, but they still need help for the vinyl and CDs. They need $5,000, but considering they got over a thousand in one day, it might not be too hard for them to hit the mark. The second Kickstarter is for folk group Lowly, The Tree Ghost, who up to this point have only released a couple self-recorded EPs. They hoping for a mere $500 to go into the studio to record their debut full-length. Here is the Bears Kickstarter and Lowly, The Tree Ghost Kickstarter, now go and help these great locals out!

Bears – 2007 Summer Tour EP

Genre: Indie Pop, Twee, Pop
Year: 2007
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “The Worst Part” ||

MP3: || “Nothing Was Wrong” ||

Cleveland pop-heroes Bears are busy recording their third album right now, but decided to keep their eager fans happy with an old summer tour EP. The 2007 West Coast Summer Tour CDr EP contains four songs recorded and released on 120 CDrs with handmade red/blue covers. Two of the songs, “Since I Met You” and “Wait and See,” were re-recorded for their second LP, Simple Machinery, but the gems here are two previously unavailable tracks, “The Worst Part” and “Nothing Was Wrong.”  Grab these hard-to-find sunny-pop tunes above, or head over to Bears website to download the whole EP for free!  And Clevelanders should rejoice, because Bears will be playing another Christmas show at the Beachland come December!

Bears (Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland OH 7/7/10)

Check out these videos of  Bears’ “surprise” show in Cleveland this past week!



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