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Glitter Bones’ Returning The Magic 12″ Available Now!

Back in February 2010, Chicago band Glitter Bones really caught my ear with their debut EP, Returning The Magic.  It was a magical mix of huge compositions featuring loads of  swirling synths, hazy vocals, and dance-inducing drum machines.  The band talked with me a while back about how they were going to be getting a vinyl release from Parisian label, SVN SNS RCRDS, and the wait is finally over.  Limited to 250 copies, the 12″ is available on semi-translucent purple vinyl right here, ordering details are on the website.  And check out their new remix of Toro Y Moi’s jammer “Still Sound.”

MP3: || “Still Sound (Glitter Bones Remix)” ||

Glitter Bones – “Love Before Breakfast”

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Pop, Chillwave
Year: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “Love Before Breakfast” ||

“Love Before Breakfast” is a track from the forthcoming and highly anticipated album of Chicago’s Glitter Bones. No word on a release date yet, but this Toro Y Moi-ish psychedelic ride will hold you over until it drops.

Also, here’s a live video of the trio at Schubas playing one of the best songs this year, “Glow In The Dark.”

Glitter Bones’ Amulet Calls tape out now!

Over the summer, Chicagoans Glitter Bones released their second EP this year, Amulet Calls, and I called it “bigger, dancier, and hazier than ever.”  I also mentioned that the EP would be getting a cassette release from upstart Brooklyn label, Words+Dreams.  Limited to 100 tapes, you can now order this beautiful silver-y cassette from Words+Dream Releases page, which comes with a download card for the entire EP, including the new opening track “Brown Lord Riley,” and sweet W+D sticker!  And while you’re at it, check out W+D’s first release, Guilty Ghosts’ Enigma Variations, and grab that cassette too!

Here’s an interview I did with the Glitter Bones, and their other excellent EP, Returning The Magic.

INTERVIEW: Glitter Bones

My second interview for The Noise Is brings me together with psychedelic pop Chicago/Indiana duo, Glitter Bones. I talked with the young dudes about Chicago life, “chillwave”, their upcoming vinyl release, and Pokémon! Hit the jump for the full interview.

The Noise Is: Glitter Bones is fresh off a big show at the Empty Bottle opening for Toro Y Moi. How did that go?
Nick Donlin: I feel it went really well. It was our first show adding Chris in the mix. We’re adding guitar and more textures to the music. Live guitar, I should say.
Zach Vouga: Yeah, it was certainly a landmark show for us.  We all had a blast exploring the new sounds we’ve been conjuring. We even broke our rapper buddy, Mr. C, out of rehab for the evening to perform a song with us.
TNI: How did that work out, and what song?
ZV: It was a newish song called “Chapel Footwork”. He was amazing.
ND: Yeah, he’s done a few shows with us in the past over various different songs. As long as the beat has some sort of root in hip hop, he flows over it extremely well. He’s very gifted.

Full interview

2010 Half-Year List!

Man the year’s flying by! Here’s a bunch of my favorite albums, EPs, and 7″s so far this year, in alphabetical order. What’s some of your favs? Comment with them!


Albatross – Bugs, Berfday, Gum
Allo Darlin’ – Allo Darlin’
Beach House – Teen Dream
Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils
Caddywhompus – Remainder
Citay – Dream Get Together
Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?
Fang Island – Fang Island
Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
Free Energy – Stuck On Nothing
Harlem – Hippies
Light Pollution – Apparitions
Local Natives – Gorilla Manor
Mount Carmel – Mount Carmel
Surfer Blood – Astrocoast
Suckers – Wild Smile
The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt
Tame Impala – Innerspeaker
Trouble Books – Gathered Tones
Vampire Weekend – Contra
Wild Nothing – Gemini
Young Mammals – Carrots


Former Thieves – The Great and Alleged Great
Ghost Mall – Goons
Glitter Bones – Returning The Magic
Hooray For Earth – Momo
James Blake – CMYK
Keepaway – Baby Style
Megachurch – Megachurch
Tanlines – Settings


A Lull – “Weapons For War” b/w “Spread It All Around”
Cloud Nothings – “Didn’t You” b/w “Even If It Worked Out”
Family Trees – “Dream Talkin”
Gauntlet Hair – “I Was Thinking…” b/w “Our Scenery”
Japandroids – “Younger Us” b/w “Sex and Dying in High Society”
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Say No To Love” b/w “Lost Saint”

Glitter Bones – Returning The Magic

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL
Label: Unexpected Friendship

01. Glow In The Dark
02. Erial Celestial Vision
03. Spell Legend
04. Race To Heaven

It seems like everyone has that one friend that makes extraordinarily good music for their age. My good friend, Steve, who blogs about films over at Hightop Satchel, told me about his friend from school, Zach, who makes music with a friend under the name, Glitter Bones. Zach sent me his music, and I was more than willing to share this with all of you. Returning The Magic is a glorious leap into a beautiful psych-pop atmosphere. The vocals are distantly hazy, like a tiny figment of your imagination, and the electronics are suburb whether it be dance-y or mega-trippy beats. The 7-minute opener, “Glow In The Dark”, jams into a blissful world, where dancing around in any manner is encouraged. The two middle tracks are the shortest but get to the point much quicker, whether it be a summer fog (“Erial Celestial Vision”), or a lo-fi techno track (“Spell Legend”). “Race To Heaven” is a triumphant finisher to an absolutely excellent release from these young kids. I try not to say this very often, only for when artists actually do it right, but Glitter Bones acknowledge the best aspects of Animal Collective. Now I hope a comparison to Animal Collective doesn’t turn you away, because you’d be really missing out on this.



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