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Kevin Greenspon/Ancient Crux Robbed On Tour, Help Out

Kevin Greenspon and Ancient Crux have been on tour for a couple weeks, and have recently run into some troubles. Here’s a message from Kevin:

“Just played some of the best shows I’ve ever played on tours, bookended by a ridiculous $472 speeding ticket in Oregon and getting one of our cars broken into in Seattle. Hundreds of dollars in cash, and all of Travis and Tyler’s personal belongings including toiletries, glasses, ipod, laptop, phone chargers, etc were all stolen.

We just got the window fixed on our day off and we will keep going. If you can come out to the shows and hang out, get some merch, etc., it would mean a lot.

And anyone who can’t come but has a few bucks to spare, we could really use some help with gas, food, repairs. It all adds up and will make this a little easier on us.

You can order stuff from the website to help out, or donate directly —

My paypal is and we can mail you some of our new tour releases when I get home. But for the time being it’s really rough trying to figure this all out. If you donate, I can also have Brent from Hi Shadow Records mail you some of our releases if you don’t want to wait for me to get home to mail off a package, just let me know.

Please spread the word if you can.

Thanks to everyone who has set up shows on this tour, they’ve been amazing so far and we’re going to put everything we have in us into our sets as we finish this out.”

You can check out their remaining dates on this FB event, and I recommend helping these guys out cause they’re great bands and great people.

Bridgetown Records’ Holiday Batch

Keeping with the holiday spirit, California label and friend Bridgetown Records has put together a special batch of CDs and CDrs for a super low price! You get 10 albums for $35 (US postage paid), and here’s the list of them:

#32: Kevin Greenspon + Cloud Nothings split CD
#30: Weed Diamond – Carry On + Sweater Kids combo CD
#29: Ancient Crux – Stage Fright + Live in LA combo CDr
#26: Junior Low – Heavy CDr
#25: Vehicle Blues – Changer CD
#23: Kevin Greenspon – In Serial CDr
#21: Trudgers – Always Crashing Heaven CDr
#17: Vehicle Blues – Punks on Transit CDr
#16: Cloud Nothings – Turning On CDr
#10: Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman – Blue Crush collab/split CDr

Included are some of their best releases this year, from Cloud Nothings, Vehicle Blues, Weed Diamond, and Kevin Greenspon.  You can grab some MP3s from the links above, or listen/download some of the albums I haven’t done posts on below. Act fast, cause this deal isn’t going to last very long! You can order the batch from the Bridgetown Website.

MP3: || Ancient Crux – “My Pillars Of Shame” ||

MP3: || Junior Low – “Smokes” ||

MP3: || Vehicle Blues – “Changer” ||

MP3: || Weed Diamond – “Mint In My Mouth” ||

Bridgetown Reissues #10, 17, 19, 21, and 23

Along with the Kevin Greenspon + Cloud Nothings split CD that got released a short time ago, check out the newest Bridgetown Records reissues, including CDrs from Vehicle Blues, Kevin Greenspon, Nicole Kidman, and Trudgers.  Grab some MP3s below, and head over to Bridgetown to order them!

MP3: || Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman – “Tyrone” ||
from Blue Crush split collaborative CDr (Bridgetown #10)

MP3: || Vehicle Blues – “Punks On Transit” ||
from Punks On Transit CDr (Bridgetown #17)

MP3:  || Kevin Greenspon – “Sinking” ||
from Corridor CDr (Bridgetown #19)

MP3:  || Kevin Greenspon – “Eyes Forward Still” ||
from Corridor CDr (Bridgetown #19)

MP3:  || Trudgers – “Wait For You” ||
from Always Crashing Heaven CDr (Bridgetown #21)

MP3:  || Kevin Greenspon – “Finally” ||
In Serial CDr (Bridgetown #23)

Kevin Greenspon (“Post Life”/”Carpool Pepsi”) + Cloud Nothings (“I Apologize”) Split CD

Genre: Lo-fi, Indie Pop, Fuzz Pop
Year: 2010
Location: LA, CA / Cleveland, OH
Label: Bridgetown Records
Kevin Greenspon MySpace
Cloud Nothings MySpace


MP3: || Kevin Greenspon – “Post-Life” ||

MP3: || Kevin Greenspon – “Carpool Pepsi” ||

MP3: || Cloud Nothings – “I Apologize” ||

LA-native Kevin Greenspon, founder of Bridgetown Records, having put out a ton of cassettes and CD/CDrs, teamed up with Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings for a super sweet 10-song split CD.  It runs through pretty quick, at a little over 18 minutes, but the short and sweet pop tunes can cure any fever.  Kevin starts off the CD with “Post Life,” an up-tempo 90s fuzz-jam touting lyrics about being “over” your own life.  His lyrics paint a deep picture, “Give me a reason to hold on to and do the things I’ve always wanted to do without worrying about how it’ll all end up.”  His side is definitely on the darker side of life, but it’s a major reason to why the songs are so well-written and turned out perfect.  Once you hit the Cloud Nothings side, things start looking up.  I’ve talked with Dylan about how he’s starting to record with a clean pop sound and pretty much dropping the lo-fi aesthetic, but he still heavily acknowledges that sound possibly for the last time on this CD.  Four out of the five songs are quick fun pop tracks, much like “Can’t Stay Awake” and “Turning On” on the debut album, Turning On.  The song above, “I Apologize,” is a hazy pop ballad reminiscent of early Jimmy Eat World, with a lyrically nod to the Golden Girls.  With two sides equally different and pleasing to the ears, you’d be doing yourself wrong not picking up this CD.  Grab it from Bridgetown for only $8 including shipping (Hint: that’s a good fucking deal)!  Also, if you’re already ordering that, check out the Summer Sampler and order some of those CDs too, I highly recommend Weed Diamond, Vehicle Blues, and Ancient Crux.



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