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Kickstart Projects from Bears and Lowly, The Tree Ghost

A couple Cleveland bands need our help to get their music released! Cleveland pop heroes Bears have finished recording their long-awaited third album, but they still need help with mixing, mastering, and releasing it. Misra Records will be helping with the distribution, but they still need help for the vinyl and CDs. They need $5,000, but considering they got over a thousand in one day, it might not be too hard for them to hit the mark. The second Kickstarter is for folk group Lowly, The Tree Ghost, who up to this point have only released a couple self-recorded EPs. They hoping for a mere $500 to go into the studio to record their debut full-length. Here is the Bears Kickstarter and Lowly, The Tree Ghost Kickstarter, now go and help these great locals out!

Phosphorescent/Lowly, The Tree Ghost/Herzog (Live @ Grog Shop, Cleveland OH 8/7/10)

On a night of so many shows going on, it was tough to decide where to go! I finally chose to get myself over to the Grog Shop for the retro-country Phosphorescent, indie-folkers Lowly, The Tree Ghost, and indie rocksters Herzog.  Before I had got there, I expected Fleet Foxes’ member J.Tillman to be opening for Phosphorescent, but learned that his grandfather had just past away, so he jumped off the Cleveland date and Herzog got added.  Although the situation wasn’t ideal, I was really excited to see Herzog perform hheaving downloaded their new album off BandCamp a few weeks ago.  And since Herzog is the one man project of Clevelander Nick Tolar, I think last night could have been his first show with a full band, having Brian and Dan from Megachurch on bass and drums.  When they took the stage, you could tell that Tolar was a bit nervous to play these songs for the first time, but they came out super strong and got a great response from the crowd, especially in 90s throwback indie-rock anthem “Paul Blart And The Death Of Art.”  Shortly after Tolar and his dudes ended their set, six-piece indie-folk group Lowly, The Tree Ghost took the stage.  Ever since they sent me their double-EP booklet a few weeks ago, their songs have been running around my head.  Lowly definitely proved their talent through their lively and warm tracks, above all in their quick country tune “Jeremy Fisher.”  The trump factor for them is definitely their violinist Laura Simna, she stood out like a shining star within the pretty folk tunes.  Acting as a perfect opener for Matthew Houck and his band, Phosphorescent soon after took the stage.  I was plainly exhausted from a full day of driving, and wasn’t feeling too well, so I only said for a few songs.  Houck led off with 9-minute Here’s to Taking it Easy-closer “Los Angeles,” and then preceded with opening track “It’s Hard to Be Humble (When You’re From Alabama).”  Just from watching for about ten-minute, it was easy to tell that Houck has this charismatic stage presence that most people dream of.  And add that with the ultra-retro vibe onstage, from the 50s and 60s era Gibson guitars, to the steel slide guitar.  Right as I was leaving, Phosphorescent broke into “Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly),” which was a bit ironic considering all of their stuff was stolen in New York, but thankfully everything was recovered a few days later.  I brought my camera to the show, but forgot my memory card in my computer so I didn’t get any videos, but the pictures didn’t turn out so bad (thanks internal memory).  I’ll update this post later with a few from KingOfTheCastle7’sYoutube channel, as he was there taking video of everything.

Phosphorescent MySpace
Lowly, The Tree Ghost MySpace
Herzog MySpace

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