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RIP The Noise Is

Hey everyone,

So it’s about time that I end this wonderful blog that I had been doing for so long. I started it in 2009 pretty much as a dumb leak blog and I eventually turned it into something I really loved doing. I became exposed to so much amazing music and met a ton of great people, and I really hope I spread some of that onto you. As I’m graduated from college now, I’m going to be focusing on other things now and I think it’s a good time to end The Noise Is.

One thing I will be spending a majority of my time on from now on is a record label that I recently started called Jurassic Pop. As of right now, it’s mostly cassettes of Indiana bands, but we’re going to be doing vinyl in the near future and hopefully expanding farther than just the great state of Indiana.

Thanks again to those who stuck with my site (even when I wasn’t posting much), I’m grateful for every person that came to my blog.


P.S. I’m probably not going to be doing a top 50 albums of 2012, but here’s my top five.

1. Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory
2. Japandroids – Celebration Rock
3. Sleeping Bag – Women Of Your Life
4. Stagnant Pools – Temporary Room
5. Gap Dream – Gap Dream

The Noise Is’ Ten Favorite Videos of 2011

10. Kreayshawn – “Gucci Gucci”

9. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Heart In Your Heartbreak”

8. Real Estate – “It’s Real”

7. Tyler, The Creator – “Yonkers”

6. Vivian Girls – “Take It As It Comes”

5. Big Troubles – “Sad Girls”

4. Jacuzzi Boys – “Glazin'”
Go here for uncensored video:
Here’s the censored one:

3. Sleeping Bag – “Slime”

2. Titus Andronicus – “No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future”

1. Youth Lagoon – “Montana”

Playlist: The Happy Dog 8/13

I was gonna write out my entire playlist from this Happy Dog menu, but I figured this worked way better. Select MP3s are below.

MP3: || Maps & Atlases – Solid Ground ||
MP3: || The Fresh and Onlys – Waterfall ||
MP3: || Hooray For Earth – Comfortable, Comparable ||
MP3: || A Lull – Water & Beasts ||
MP3: || John Maus – Quantum Leap ||
MP3: || Fucked Up – Queen Of Hearts ||
MP3: || Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed ||
MP3: || Baths – Maximalist ||
MP3: || Gold-Bears – Record Store ||
MP3: || Gauntlet Hair – Out, Don’t… ||
MP3: || La Sera – Never Come Around ||

I’m DJing @ the Happy Dog This Saturday

So next week, my summer in Cleveland will be over and I will head back to Indiana for my last year of school. But before I leave, I’ll have my last Cleveland hurrah at the Happy Dog this Saturday. I’ll be DJing from 6pm to 9pm and I’ll be spinning a ton of the new LPs I’ve gotten over the past couple months! So it’d be cool if y’all came out and say hey (or cya) and ate some hot dogs while I play Megachurch or John Maus or something else cool.

Facebook Event

Playlist: DJ Fuzzy at Music Saves 7th Birthday Bash

Allo Darlin – “Kiss Your Lips”
Deerhunter – “Don’t Cry”
Apache Dropout – “Teenager” VIDEO
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Bright Lit Blue Skies” VIDEO
Pissed Jeans – ” False Jesii Part 2 ” VIDEO
Drummer – “Lottery Dust”
Best Coast – ” Sun Was High (So Was I) ”
Outer Space – ” Memory Bomb ” VIDEO
Seapony – “Blue Star” MP3
Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Some Trees”
Mickey – “She’s So Crazy”
Deerhoof – “Milk Man”
Titus Andronicus – “No Future Part 3: Escape From No Future” VIDEO
Gold-Bears – “Record Store” MP3
Hot Rails – “I Am Supernatural But I Don’t Believe In The Supernatural” MP3
Times New Viking – “It’s A Culture”
Boris Yeltsin – “Sink/Let It Sway” MP3
J Mascis – “Several Shades of Why”
Reading Rainbow – “White Noise

(Founding Fathers)

Sun Airway – “American West”
Fucked Up – “Under My Nose”
tune-yards – “Gangsta”
Beach Fossils – “What A Pleasure”
Ford & Lopatin – “Emergency Room” MP3
Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say” MP3

(Black Muddle Noise)

Megachurch – “Teabaggers”
Washed Out – “Amor Fati” MP3
Cloud Nothings – “Understand At All” MP3
Rick Springfield – “I’ve Done Everything For You”
Arctic Monkeys – “Reckless Serenade”
Yuck – “Georgia” VIDEO
Beach Boys – “Here Today”


Herzog – “Paul Blart and the Death of Art” MP3
No Age – “Fever Dreaming” VIDEO
Shoreway – “Daylight Dream” MP3
Swith Westerns – “Weekend” MP3
Baths – “Hall” MP3
Twin Shadow – “Tether Beat”
Japandroids – “Younger Us” MP3

I’m DJing Music Saves 7th Birthday Bash!

Cleveland record store Music Saves is having a 7th birthday party at the Beachland Tavern tonight from 4 to about 9ish.  I’ll be DJing before, between, and after some great Cleveland bands play!  And the best part about it is that it’s totally free!  So come out and say hi and pick a record for me to play!

Dino DNA – “I Love You Now”

Genre: Garage, Pop, Surf
Year: 2011
Location: West Lafayette, IN / Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “I Love You Now” ||


“I Love You Now” will be the A-side of an upcoming 7″ being released this summer. Take a listen above, or head over to our Bandcamp to download both tracks from the 7″ for free.

James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream” [LIVE VIDEO]

James Blake will be out February 7th via Atlas/A&M.

Insound Preorders and 15% Off!

Online vinyl superstore Insound is celebrating the new year by giving 15% off across the entire site! Just use the code newyear2011 at the end of your purchase and you’ll save some of your hard-earned cash, effective until January 11th. Also, Insound is including goodies for the those early birds who preorder upcoming LPs through them! You’ll get a exclusive poster if you preorder Tennis’ Cape Dory, Cloud Nothings’ Cloud Nothings, Yuck’s Yuck, and Smith Westerns’ Dye It Blonde, and you’ll receive magnets with Toro Y Moi’s Underneath The Pine.  Remember, it’s while supplies last!  Take a look at the posters/magnets below!

“Who’s Coming To Town?!” 11/21-12/4


November 21st – Free Energy @ Grog Shop

November 23rd – Lowly, The Tree Ghost @ Happy Dog

November 24th – This Way Out Anniversary Party w/ Afternoon Naps/Clovers/Dreadful Yawns

November 30th – Mermaids/Filmstrip/Clovers @ Happy Dog

Emeralds Tour, What Happened 2xLP

It’s usually impossible to find out about any big Emeralds news, like shows and vinyl releases, until they have already happened.  Well not today, cause the Cleveland drone giants have some BIG things coming in the next few months.  First, they are going to be going on a North American tour (WITH CARIBOU!!!) in late September to early Octover, along with a handful of European dates in late October.  Check out the list of dates below, and get your ass out there.  Secondly, Emeralds are going to be re-releasing their 2009 masterpiece What Happened on vinyl from Edition Mego, the label that put out Does It Look Like I’m Here? It’s up for preorder right now on the Editions Mega Purchase page, and you better get on it!

P.S. While you at it, you might as well pick up Emeralds’ guitarist Mark McGuire’s solo album, Living With Yourself, from Edition Mego.

9-16 Oslo, Norway – Ultima Festival
9-19 Boston, MA – Paradise &
9-22 New York, NY – Webster Hall &
9-23 Washington, DC – Black Cat &
9-25 Urbana-Champaign, IL – Pygmalion Music Festival &
9-26 Chicago, IL – Metro &
9-27 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue &
9-28 Winnipeg, MB – West End Cultural Center &
9-29 Saskatoon, SK – Amigos &
9-30 Edmonton, AB – Starlite &
10-1 Calgary, AB – Republik &
10-3 Vancouver, BV – Vogue &
10-4 Seattle, WA – Showbox &
10-5 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom &
10-6 San Francisco, CA – Regency &
10-8 Los Angeles, CA – Music Box &
10-9 Tempe, AZ – The Clubhouse &
10-11 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge &
10-12 Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre &
10-15 Lisbon, Portugal – TBC
10-16 Hasselt, Belgium – Kunstencentrum Belgie
10-17 London, England – TBC
10-19 Prague, Czech Republic – TBC
10-20 Rome, Italy – TBC
10-21 Milan, Italy – TBC
10-22 Graz, Austria – Elevate Festival
10-23 Krakow, Poland – Unsound Festival
10-30 Asheville, NC – Moog Festival
10-31 Chapel Hill, NC – Cat’s Cradle &

The Noise Is NEWS!

Hey y’all! Tons of cool stuff is brewing in TNI’s camp, so I thought I would give you a quick update!

  • You all might have notice my change in posts in the past two or three months, doing interviews and show reviews and such.  It’s a switch that I’ve been meaning to make for a while, taking the past few months to ease into it.  I’ve been posting much more artist submissions, Cleveland events, interviews etc, and I plan to continue doing so in the future.  On top of all that, I am going to start hosting MP3s for various artists on The Noise Is, so look out for cool new tracks!  This all being said, I am not going to completely stray away from my full album posts.  If there is an album that I really dig and I feel like other people would like it, I will post it.  But of course, I post it with full confidence that a good percentage of you will go out and buy the vinyl or something.  So y’all should look forward to a more forward-looking The Noise Is!
  • Also, some of you might have taken at look at the change in the browser bar!  In the past month, I switched from my WordPress URL to a new domain (  Now it’s easier than ever to find my blog on the internet!!!
  • A HUGE thanks to Andy Ventura for my new blog header, I can’t think of any radder way to greet people to my site!  Y’all should check out Andy’s blog, POLYPHYLY, it holds a big amount of music that I don’t hit.
  • Since I am going to be leaving for school in Indiana pretty soon, I’m gonna change up the “SHOWZZZ!” tab up at the top.  I am going to try to keep it updated with shows in Cleveland and Columbus OH, Chicago IL, and anywhere in Indiana.

Hope all is well!  And feel free to comment with any thoughts!


As we all know, school is not cool, but I owe it to my grades to spend one week focusing on upcoming finals. So for the next week, I’m gonna be laying low, studying a ton, and not posting anything. I know most of you will understand since you’re probably in the same position as me! Plus I promise a ton of excellent music once I’m home for summer in Cleveland!

But in the meantime, I finally made a group for The Noise Is. So if you rock the world, JOIN AND BE COOL!

AND check out my Record Nerd! This list is limited to all of the new vinyl I’ve gotten in roughly the past year. Comment and tell me what you like!

Dead Computer!

In the past few days, my computer has come under attack from several viruses/hijackers in a losing battle. From what it looks like right now, my computer’s gonna have to be wiped cleaned. So it looks like I’m not gonna be able to be posting much in the next few days. I’m sure some of my friends’ blogs and other greats blog can hold you over!

I’ve been listening to these albums a ton lately. So check them out if you missed my post!

Baroness – Blue Record
Bear In Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth
Citay – Dream Get Together
The Modern Electric – The Modern Electric
Clues – Clues

I’ll be back to posting as soon as I can!


This next week is gonna be crazy for me, as my sister is getting married this coming weekend. I cannot guarantee at all that I will be posting, much less listening to music. So as a thanksgiving gift, I will present to you these other great blogs you should check out!

Id Reverberations – Excellent garage/psychedelic/drone blog run by some young kids.

Stratosphering – A blog for music from all over the place. Check out their recent Loscil post.

Small Time Crooks – A blog run by a few of my friends on the subject of men’s fashion. You definitely want to check this out.

Hightop Satchel – An insightful movie blog run by another one of my friends, with write-ups on movies such as Adventureland, Doubt, and a titty movie called Mondo Topless.

P.S. I just add the new single from Vampire Weekend, “Cousins”, to my super post a little bit back. Check it here: Vampire Weekend Singles SUPER POST!


Hello.  My name is Jeff.  And I have started a music blog.

It started off with me listening to music my dad had given me.  Then to music my friends had given me.  Then to music the internet had given me.  And lastly, music I had given myself.  So  I decided to make a blog for that music.

My reasoning behind this blog is to share other music I have found with any other people who are open to new music, and also for my own amusement.

So I hope you enjoy this, I will try to make people’s ear happy



If anybody wants a link removed, please email me, and it will be removed immediately.
EMAIL: thenoiseis [AT]
If you are in a band or know a band you think I will like, shoot me an email. Just send me a link, artwork, and a short description of the music.




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