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Netherfriends – “Bloomington, IN”

MP3: || Bloomington, IN ||

It seems like Netherfriends, aka Shawn Rosenblatt, is a non-stop pop machine, either from his extensive touring across the US or his constant writing. His newest album, Middle America, is the first album of us 50 States 50 Songs project, where he visits and writes a song about a city in every state. “Bloomington, IN” is the second track on the album which shows off Rosenblatt’s sensitive indie-pop tendencies and tribal undertones, and assures us that “everybody wants to have a good time.” Middle America will be out on Kilo Records digitally, and you can hear the entire album from on Netherfriends’ website.

Radio People – “A Vague Year”

STREAM: || A Vague Year ||

I previously posted about Radio People’s upcoming album on Mexican Summer, and now you can hear a track from Hazel courtesy of Altered Zones.  Much like a slow-builder from his other project, Mist, “A Vague Year” proofs to be a melodic, sky-high prog venture that feels like it should’ve been on the soundtrack for Apollo 13.  Hazel will be out on August 23 and you can preorder from Mexican Summer now.

Radio People LP on Mexican Summer in July

Cleveland electronic-guru Sam Goldberg is a popular guy within the ambient/drone scene right now. Only a couple weeks after the release of his collaborative effort with Emeralds’ John Elliott, Mist’s House, Sam’s solo project, Radio People, has an upcoming album release on the always popular Mexican Summer.  The LP, called Hazel, will be out on July 27th.  More word to come when tracks are released and a preorder is available.

Mist – “Twin Lanes”

Genre: Drone, Electronic
Year: 2011
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Spectrum Spools

MP3: || “Twin Lanes” ||

Chances are, you’ve listened to one of the projects of the men who make up Mist. John Elliott, of Emeralds/Outer Space/Imaginary Softwoods, and Sam Goldberg, of Radio People, have teamed up once again for Mist’s upcoming sophomore album, House. “Twin Lanes” is the opener for the album, and it displays a perfect balance of Elliot’s epic and deep loops alongside Goldberg’s colorful synth lines.  The track hints at something really special once House comes around in May.  The album will be out on Edition Mego’s side label Spectrum Spools, which coincidently enough is ran by John Elliott.  Preorder the 2xLP right here.

Birthdays – “Howolding Girls”

Genre: Electronic, Pop, Synth-Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Boston, MA
Label: Fire Talk Records

MP3: || “Howolding Girls” ||

Here’s the newest 7″ from Colorado’s Fire Talk Records, showcasing the electro solo project of Bostonian Samuel Yager and his glitchy synth-pop blast “Howolding Girls.” Limited to 300 copies, the 7″ is up for pre-order right here.

We Are Hex – “Birthplace of the Mystics (Brainbheats REMIX)”

Genre: Post-Punk, Dark Pop, Noise Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Label: Roaring Colonel Records

MP3: || “Birthplace of the Mystics (Brainbheats REMIX)” ||

Indianapolis dark-pop quartet We Are Hex released a remix album last month via BandCamp.  Check out the Brainbheats glitchy remix of Hail The Goer opener “Birthplace of the Mystics,” or go over their BandCamp and download the 5-track album.

Glitter Bones – “Love Before Breakfast”

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Pop, Chillwave
Year: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “Love Before Breakfast” ||

“Love Before Breakfast” is a track from the forthcoming and highly anticipated album of Chicago’s Glitter Bones. No word on a release date yet, but this Toro Y Moi-ish psychedelic ride will hold you over until it drops.

Also, here’s a live video of the trio at Schubas playing one of the best songs this year, “Glow In The Dark.”

nihiti – “the return of kind ropes”/”black cars (a sinistra)” from other people’s memories

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Dark Pop
Year: 2010
Location: NYC
Label: Lo Bit Landscapes

MP3: || “the return of kind ropes” ||

MP3: || “black cars (a sinistra)” ||

nihiti is a mysterious project out of NYC, dipping into multiple areas of sound including heavy electronica, black psychedelia, and jazz.  Earlier this year, nihiti took a trip to Berlin, to play alongside artist Viktor Timofeev at Exit Festival and a ton of DIY/bunker spaces.  other people’s memories is their latest album, and takes multiple listens to completely envelop each complicated layer of music.  Check out two tracks from the album below, the jazz-infused dark pop “the return of kind ropes” and the IDM-ish loopy psychedelic jam “black cars (a sinistra).”  other people’s memories will be getting its release on 10/10/10 from Lo Bit Landscapes, and that should include a vinyl release.  No word on where to pick it up outside of the release party, but in the meantime, check out this live video with a special appearance from the NYPD.

BIGCOLOUR – Meshes of the Laughternoon

Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Psychedelic, Chillwave, Surf
Year: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL

01. stork
02. wallaby thy name
03. booboo nest
04. crevasses
05. power stranger
06. skipping the thousand white
07. made of phlegm

BIGCOLOUR is the one-man electro-psych project of Chicagoan Brian Brissart. I stumbled upon Brissart’s project through his good friends, Glitter Bones, as they collaborate and play shows all the time.  BIGCOLOUR’s new EP, Meshes of the Laughternoon, is nothing but hazy summer music pushing the “chillwave” movement one big step farther.  The EP isn’t typical 80s-wave nostalgia though, its more like if Toro Y Moi and Real Estate raised a polite Midwestern kid.  Tracks like opener “stork”, tropical “booboo nest”, and drone-y “power stranger” get freakishly expansive for tracks on any EP, and will have you coming back for weeks.  I can’t seem to find any physical release information, but you can find the lyrics to all these songs from his BandCamp.

Glitter Bones – Returning The Magic

Genre: Electronic, Psychedelic, Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL
Label: Unexpected Friendship

01. Glow In The Dark
02. Erial Celestial Vision
03. Spell Legend
04. Race To Heaven

It seems like everyone has that one friend that makes extraordinarily good music for their age. My good friend, Steve, who blogs about films over at Hightop Satchel, told me about his friend from school, Zach, who makes music with a friend under the name, Glitter Bones. Zach sent me his music, and I was more than willing to share this with all of you. Returning The Magic is a glorious leap into a beautiful psych-pop atmosphere. The vocals are distantly hazy, like a tiny figment of your imagination, and the electronics are suburb whether it be dance-y or mega-trippy beats. The 7-minute opener, “Glow In The Dark”, jams into a blissful world, where dancing around in any manner is encouraged. The two middle tracks are the shortest but get to the point much quicker, whether it be a summer fog (“Erial Celestial Vision”), or a lo-fi techno track (“Spell Legend”). “Race To Heaven” is a triumphant finisher to an absolutely excellent release from these young kids. I try not to say this very often, only for when artists actually do it right, but Glitter Bones acknowledge the best aspects of Animal Collective. Now I hope a comparison to Animal Collective doesn’t turn you away, because you’d be really missing out on this.



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