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Stagnant Pools – “Consistency”

MP3: || Consistency ||

One of Indiana’s biggest up-and-comers Stagnant Pools just released the first taste of their upcoming 2012 record, release TBA. “Consistency” is a massive slice of punked-out sky-high shoegaze from the Bloomington brothers, and it definitely gives indications of a fantastic record from these two. Below is a video of the duo playing “Consistency” at my now-defunct basement venue Jurassic Park, and the song sounds just as huge.

Gauntlet Hair – “Top Bunk”

MP3: || Top Bunk ||

I meant to post this song a long time ago, but I didn’t. Basically, Gauntlet Hair rocks, this song rocks, and the album this song’s gonna be on is gonna rock. Gauntlet Hair will be out October 18 on Dead Oceans.

New Caddywhompus EP, Show at Happy Dog

MP3: || The Weight ||

New Orleans duo Caddywhompus have followed up their 2010 colossal Remainder, with a brand new EP, The Weight.  Check out the big title track above, or head over to their label, Community Records, to download the whole EP for free.  Caddywhompus will be making a stop in Cleveland at the Happy Dog with fellow labelmates A Billion Ernies on Tuesday (tomorrow), and I’ll be DJing before the bands from 8-10.  So come out, eat a hot dog, and see these fun out-of-towners!

Woodsman – Rare Forms

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental
Year: 2011
Location: Denver, CO
Label: Lefse / Fire Talk

MP3: || “Insects” ||

MP3: || “Serfer” ||

Fresh off their beautific 2010 EP, Mystery Tape, here’s two mega-trippy MP3s from their upcoming full length, Rare Forms, along with a drugged-up new video for “Serfer.” You can preorder the LP from Fire Talk or Lefse.

Swindlella – Purr rump pum pum pum

Genre: HOLIDAY, Noise, Experimental, Jazz
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released


MP3: || “Rudolf Hitler” ||

MP3: || “Christmas Time is Here” ||

Recorded last year, Cleveland noise-makers Swindlella are using the time of the year to release a special Christmas album called Purr rump pum pum pum. In comparison to their last release, the Titanic concept album A Woman’s Heart Is An Ocean of Secrets, these Xmas tracks are low-key for Swindlella’s standards, and you might even call them catchy at times.  They still take the opportunity to go into noise frenzies in opener “Rudolf Hitler” and standout “Jingle Bells.”  In between those fits, Swindlella shows a love for the jazz on their piano-and-bells cover of Vince Guaraldi  Trio’s “Christmas Time Is Here.”  Other Christmas songs represented are “Frosty The Snowman,” “First Noel,” “Silent Night,” and the album closer “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”  Check out a few of the tracks above, and download the full album by clicking on the album art above!

Gauntlet Hair – “Out, Don’t…”

Genre: Pop, Experimental, Noise, Dream
Year: 2010
Location: Lafayette, CO
Label: Mexican Summer

MP3: || “Out, Don’t…” ||

This Colorado two-piece is furthering itself as one of 2010’s best new bands.  Seriously, they only have five songs recorded and they all are incredible, that has to amount for something.  Here it there newest maximalist-dream single, “Out, Don’t…,” out now on Mexican Summer on clear gold/yellow vinyl.  Buy it here.  And if you haven’t already, check out huge track “I Was Thinking…” from an earlier 7″ on Forest Family Records.

Wombs – Unitopians

Genre: Experimental, Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland OH
Label: Self-Released

|| “God is my co-Pilot” ||

|| “Protein Shake” ||

Birthing out of towns and cities around Cleveland, OH, Wombs is four guys trying to put their complex sexual thoughts and masculinity into music on their second album, Unitopians. I got turned onto Wombs by their drummer, Jayson, who also plays for Cloud Nothings and Swindlella.  Their second-effort definitely leans on the experimental side, but still screams a self-described “big pop” sound.  “Topiary Living” is a drone-y opening for the stand-out track, “God is my co-Pilot.”  It’s an absolute powerhouse on the album, with the first half showcasing Ryan Manning’s haunting falsetto leading right into a mid-song nuclear bomb.  It’s reason enough to check out this band, along with the insanely creepy album art.  Wombs, alongside Megachurch, will be opening for Herzog at their record release show at the Happy Dog on September 10th, SO GO SEE EM! Also, if you feel like entering a deep trance, watch the music video for “Topiary Living” below. Download Unitopians from their Bandcamp for free.

Megachurch – “Exorcism”/”The Gay Agenda” from Megachurch 12″

Genre: Metal, Experimental
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “Exorcism” ||

MP3: || “The Gay Agenda” ||

I have been waiting to make this post for a long long long time!   I bought their self-titled 12″ at their Beachland show a few months back and since then, the intense creativity and talent has been bringing me back to the Megachurch of Cleveland all summer. Here’s Megachurch in a nutshell: Two bassists, one drummer, and a fuck load of ridiculous religious/political samples all at the same time. The formula isn’t for everybody, but for those Lightning Bolt fans out there, this is heaven. You can order the 12″ from the band with Paypal instructions on their MySpace, or pick one up at their upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show opening for Trans Am on August 18th!

UPDATE: Megachurch just released a music video for “More Mormon Than Mormon,” another track from their 12″. Here it is!

Swindlella – A Woman’s Heart is an Ocean of Secrets

Genre: Noise, Experimental
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released

Swindlella is made of two young Cleveland kids, Jayson and Chris, who love to get down to business and make real noise.  They’ve been playing around the area for a few months, including a recent out-store at Music Saves.  A Woman’s Heart is an Ocean of Secrets is their newest EP, which is a 10-minute concept album about the movie Titanic. So get the woman and children and put on some goddamn life-vests, cause this is one hell of a ride.  If you got nothing to do tonight and wanna see some crazy bands, get over to the Happy Dog!  Swindlella is going to be opening for Good For Cows, who is basically the drummer from Xiu Xiu, Ches Smith.  And from what I hear, he is incredible, so make sure you don’t miss this one!  And check out this sweet John G poster for the show!

Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking… 7″

Genre: Pop, Experimental, Noise, Dream
Year: 2010
Location: Lafayette, CO
Label: Forest Family Records

MP3: || “I Was Thinking…” ||

MP3: || “Our Scenery” ||

I am a little late on the rush, but any time is a good time for Gauntlet Hair! I had the music a while back, but “I Was Thinking…” didn’t hit me until recently, and it hit big. I feel like every “witty comparison to something abstract” has been already written, so go read those for yourself. In the meantime, check out this incredible 7″ released by Forest Family Records.  If you were cooler than me and caught onto this earlier, you should have or did order the “cloudy” 7″, because at this point it has sold out. Rumor has it that they are have or are going to begin recording a full-length soon.

BIGCOLOUR – Meshes of the Laughternoon

Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Psychedelic, Chillwave, Surf
Year: 2010
Location: Chicago, IL

01. stork
02. wallaby thy name
03. booboo nest
04. crevasses
05. power stranger
06. skipping the thousand white
07. made of phlegm

BIGCOLOUR is the one-man electro-psych project of Chicagoan Brian Brissart. I stumbled upon Brissart’s project through his good friends, Glitter Bones, as they collaborate and play shows all the time.  BIGCOLOUR’s new EP, Meshes of the Laughternoon, is nothing but hazy summer music pushing the “chillwave” movement one big step farther.  The EP isn’t typical 80s-wave nostalgia though, its more like if Toro Y Moi and Real Estate raised a polite Midwestern kid.  Tracks like opener “stork”, tropical “booboo nest”, and drone-y “power stranger” get freakishly expansive for tracks on any EP, and will have you coming back for weeks.  I can’t seem to find any physical release information, but you can find the lyrics to all these songs from his BandCamp.

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?

Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Year: 2009
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Editions Mego

MP3: || “Candy Shoppe” ||

MP3: || “Now You See Me” ||

Emeralds are easily one of the best groups to come out of Cleveland, OH in recent memory. After two amazing releases last year, What Happened and Emeralds, and a ton of CDRs, the Cleveland droners return with their newest album, Does It Look Like I’m Here?. The first thing I noticed was that the album sports 12 tracks with only one running over the ten-minute mark, a different direction from past LPs. Emeralds manages to take each track to completely blow your mind, fading in between minimalism, maximalism, and big jaw-dropping moments, with the biggest range they’ve hit to date. Does It Look Like I’m Here? will be released on May 24th from Editions Mego on CD and 2LP. Also, Emeralds supposedly have a bunch of 7″s being released through various distros, so keep an eye out for those.

MP3: Cloud Nothings, Dinowalrus, Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing

MP3: || Cloud Nothings – “Hey Cool Kid (Memoryhouse Remix)” ||

Cloud Nothings Myspace
Memoryhouse Myspace

Up-and-coming Clevelander, Dylan Baldi, has been getting great press for his debut Cloud Nothings LP, Turning On. I’ve wrote about him a lot on The Noise Is, so I really don’t need to repeat any of the incredible stuff he’s been doing. But very recently, Cloud Nothings got posted on Pitchfork for the song “Hey Cool Kid” along with a remix by Memoryhouse. The MP3 I’ve posted the “Hey Cool Kid (Memoryhouse Remix)”, which takes the catchy lo-fi pop track, and adds a ton of soothing synths over it. Dylan and his Cloud Nothings band just left for their tour before SXSW and MtyMx Festival, so check the Myspace for dates.

MP3: || Dinowalrus – “Electric Car, Gas Guitar” ||

Dinowalrus Myspace

Dinowalrus are a thrash/drone trio out of Brooklyn NY, reminiscent of LA noise bands HEALTH, and No Age. “Electric Car, Gas Guitar” is a fast-paced, fuzzed-out, thrash-drum, adrenaline-filled track, proving why their name is as abstract as Dinowalrus. Their debut, %, is out now on Kanine Records.

MP3: || Beach Fossils – “Vacation” ||

Beach Fossils Myspace

Beach Fossils, out of Brooklyn, are the newest part of the great hazy-pop movement with Ducktails and Real Estate. Expect dream guitars and vocals covered in a summery fog in “Vacation”. This track is off of their upcoming LP from This track is off of their upcoming LP from Woodsist and Captured Tracks hopefully sometime this month.

MP3: || Wild Nothing – “Summer Holiday” ||

Wild Nothing Myspace
My last, and definitely not least, track is from Wild Nothing, a bedroom shoegaze/dream pop also on Captured Tracks. “Summer Holiday” is full of pretty melodies with hazy vocals, making it a perfect head-bopper when the weather gets warmer and you start rolling down your windows when you drive. You can grab this 7″ from Captured Tracks, and expect a debut LP in the near future.



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