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Mid-American – “Shadow”

MP3: || Shadow ||

Back in March of 2010, I posted about the young Indiana band Mid-American and their first release, Fake Homes.  Now some two years later, after a successful Kickstarter, Mid-American has come back with the release of their self-titled debut album.  Their early sound was impressive for such a young band, but the group has expanded into a bigger and appropriately dense sound for Mid-American.  The second track, “Shadow,” is a crazy-catchy bubblegum-pop ode filled with foot-tapping build-ups and an infectious bell line that you won’t forget for days.  Mid-American’s uniqueness comes from a variety of new and familiar sounds including a touch of Radiohead’s remoteness (“The King of Nowhere”), big percussive aesthetics (“The Clearing”), their sheer ability to capture a melody (“Shadow”). and a minute-and-a-half instrumental interlude that proves to be one of the best tracks on the album (“Taijasa”).  All of this paired with frontman Phil Johnson’s sentimental voice alongside his powerful lyrics of confusion and loss makes for a rousing debut from this Indiana group.  Mid-American is out now digitally on their Bandcamp, with preorders for the album on vinyl and CD.

husband&wife – Proud Flesh

Genre: Indie Rock, Folk, Pop
Year: 2011
Location: Bloomington, IN
Label: Crossroads of America / Lower Peninsula Records

MP3: || “Begone Long One” ||

MP3: || “Proud Flesh” ||

Over the past couple years, Bloomington natives husband&wife have developed a folk-infused heavy-hitting pop sound that has become nearly impossible to not like. Album-opener “Begone Long One” and title-track “Proud Flesh” are off their newest album released late last year. Pick up the LP through XRA Records or Lower Peninsula Records, or download the album for a cheap $5.50 from BandCamp.

Hands and Knees – Wholesome

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Folk
Year: 2011
Location: Boston, MA
Label: Midriff Records, Banazan Records

MP3: || “Sitting at the Piano Disappearing” ||

MP3: || “Dancing On Your Tears” ||

Hands and Knees, a busting-at-the-scene Boston band, just released their third full-length, Wholesome, following their well-received 2009 album, Et Tu Fluffy? The album title fits all too much, as every song exhibits it’s own unique, full, and warm sound, which is Wholesome‘s biggest strength. Listen/download their super retro-indie rock “Sitting at the Piano Disappearing” and the extremely jangly and boppy “Dancing On Your Tears.” Released back on the 18th, the entire album will be available for pay-what-you-want for the first month via BandCamp, where you can also pick up the vinyl on limited edition screenprinted cover art!

Backwords – “And Then Sigh”/”Center of the Earth”/”Dig Deep” from Quilt

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk
Year: 2010
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “And Then Sigh” ||

MP3: || “Center of the Earth” ||

MP3: || “Dig Deep” ||

Quilt is the third album from Backwords, a three-piece group out of Brooklyn, NY.  Just as the album title would suggest, the music is extremely warm and puts you right at home next to your favorite quilt your grandmother made you as a child.  On their third album, they put together an soothing mix of acoustics, banjos, violins, and many other instruments alongside their triple vocals and harmonies.  Listen and download the great opener “And Then Sigh,” the beautiful folk-pop track “Center of the Earth,” and the folky head-bopper “Dig Deep.” With a sound that’s made to be on a turntable, you can order this LP straight from their BandCamp for less than $15 with shipping!  And watch the video for “Center of the Earth” below, which seems to be a super fun farm dance party in a New York park!

Mid-American – Fake Homes

Genre: Folk, Indie Rock
Year: 2010
Location: Carmel, IN
Label: Unsigned

01. Don’t Stray
02. My Ladder, High
03. Riversong
04. Stillness
05. Open Eyes

Mid-American is a six-piece band out of Carmel, IN made up of a few college and high school kids, and they are one of those bands that take a dead scene and add a ton of life to it. Fakes Homes is their first official release, and the EP really takes off for such a young band. They incorporate a strong list of influences, from the harmonies of Fleet Foxes (“Riversong”) to the musical complexity of Local Natives (“Don’t Stray”,”My Ladder, High”). Not even considering their ages, Fake Homes is an incredible EP, and I really see bigger things ahead for Mid-American. As of right now, Mid-American have the entire EP up on their band camp for $3 in bunch of formats. If you like this, find $3 lying around your apartment and throw to these youngsters.

The Dreadful Yawns – Take Shape

Genre: Indie Rock, Folk, Pop
Year: 2008
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Exit Stencil

01. Like Song
02. Queen and the Jokester
03. Catskill
04. Kill Me Now
05. Saved
06. All For Me
07. Expecting Rain
08. All the Dead Soldiers
09. Don’t Know What I’ve Been On
10. Mood Assassin

I can’t believe I have not posted these guys yet. The Dreadful Yawns are indie-rockers right out of Cleveland, OH. The 60’s-revival sound they take on, added with up-beat folk and gracious harmonies make them well-regarded in Cleveland. I’ve had the pleasure of actually playing a few shows with them, and they are the nicest people, just extremely modest. And I’m really glad they’re on the excellent Cleveland label, Exit Stencil. I’ll rep for any band on that label, but most of all for The Dreadful Yawns.



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