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Balkans’ Self-Titled

My good friend Mike at Sippy Cup Everything turned me onto the Atlanta rockers Balkans’ self-titled debut a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t stopped listening since. And it’s a huge bummer that these guys are no more from what it looks like. Despite that, any fan of the early 2000s guitar-pop scene should listen to these guys immediately. Stream the entire album below, and go order the record from Double Phantom.

Young Mammals – “Landlady”

MP3: || Landlady ||

Here’s the newest music from Texas garage-kids Young Mammals, with the first taste since their fantastic 2010 album Carrots. The great production along with their almost signature jangle-tones make for a great A-side on their first vinyl release, which will be out on Bombs By Mail sometime soon, hopefully on radical colored vinyl like their first release.

Hear Unreleased Clovers/Future Days Album

Cleveland pop group Clovers, changed to Future Days, not only made big steps in their hometown, but were on the verge of becoming the next big thing in the national indie-pop/garage scene. The band had done tours with rad-rockers Free Energy and Secretly Canadian’s Foreign Born, and rumors were swirling that they were working with big labels. Then the group went down to Nashville to record with the Black Keys’ Pat Carney, recording what would be their official debut album, The Breezer. Weeks after getting back, Future Days threw up a couple tracks from the new album on SoundCloud, played a few local shows, and rumors swirled that the band had been signed to Fat Possum. Sometime near the end of last summer, I found out that the band had disbanded, killing all of the rumors and album releases they had planned. The band sent me The Breezer sometime before they told me about the breakup, and the album quickly became one of my favorites, especially the ultra-jangly second track “Carry Me Away.”  It was sad to me that nobody was going to here these fantastic pop songs, so the band allowed me to show their album that never happened.  Here are a couple tracks from the unreleased, unmastered album, The Breezer, and a link to download the entire album. Once you give it a couple listens, you’ll realize why it was such a bummer that Future Days didn’t became a bigger thing, cause the talent, songwriting, and spark were definitely there.

MP3: || Carry Me Away ||

MP3: || Sun Drops ||

Total Babes – “Without Your Heart”

MP3: || Without Your Heart ||

Cleveland’s own Total Babes’ debut album Swimming Through Sunlight hit stores yesterday, and to celebrate, huge climax “Without Your Heart” is now available for download! Pick up the album digitally in webstores, and the CD and vinyl through Old Flame’s Store. And listen/download the first two tracks from the album below.

MP3: || Like They Always Do ||

MP3: || Be So True ||

Total Babes – “Be So True”

MP3: || Be So True ||

Pitchfork posted this jam today, here’s the second track from Total Babes’ upcoming debut album, Swimming Through Sunlight. Preorder this LP on purple vinyl from Old Flame Records, out on August 30th and it’s limited to 200 copies. I advise you to do it cause this is one of my favorite albums of this year so far, listen to the opener “Like They Always Do” below.

MP3: || Like They Always Do ||

Total Babes – “Without Your Heart” [LIVE VIDEO]

The Happy Thoughts – “One More Fish”

MP3: || “One More Fish” ||

STREAM: || “Sweet Dirty Love” ||

I made the joke before and I’ll make it again, The Happy Thoughts has more hooks than a fishing box!!! Before you stop visiting my site because of that joke, check out these songs from the Lafayette, IN power-pop trio’s debut album.  I heavily recommend it for those who have been digging Cloud Nothings’ album this year, just clean and fun garage-pop.  It’s out now on Hozac, and they might still be on the gold edition, so head over to their store and buy it!



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