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INTERVIEW: Gauntlet Hair

My newest interview is with the Colorado maximalist duo Gauntlet Hair. After two 7″s and lots of national praise, I talked with Andy R. about their sound, Denver, their success, and their future. Hit the jump for the full interview.

The Noise Is: Unlike a few others, I think the name Gauntlet Hair is perfect! How did you guys land on it? And how did the group get its start? Was a two-piece the idea from the start?
Andy R.: The name came about when we lived in Chicago. Long story. I can tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do with video games or some infatuation with the Medieval. I’ve tried to explain it before but I don’t think anyone payed attention. So lets just say that its personal.
Gauntlet Hair started in Chicago but Craig and I have been playing together since our freshman year of high-school. Our first practice space was his moms basement. You could say our sound kind of grew with us…punk rock(15-16 y.o.)… grindcore(16-17)…some kind of folk(18-19)…experimental noise(19-20)…Gauntlet Hair(20-present).
Being a two-piece was not the initial idea. We’ve played with a lot of different people. It just took us a while to realize that we don’t work well with others.

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INTERVIEW: Former Thieves

Last year, Iowa punk outfit Former Thieves put out one of my favorite EPs of the year, The Great and Alleged Great, scoring #30 on my Best of 2010 List. After getting signed to No Sleep Records, they are now in the process of recording a full-length debut.  While at the studio in Seattle, I did an email interview with Matt Schmitz of the group. Hit the jump for the full interview.

The Noise Is: How did the group come together, and how did you come up with the name Former Thieves?
Matt Schmitz: We have all been playing in bands together and touring in the past. We all stopped for a while and tried out the whole “real life” thing and decided that sucked so we decided to start this band, make some music we enjoyed writing and playing, and travel as much as possible. The name came from the idea that we all steal things from the world around us, and wondered if one day we all decided not to do that and truly think and act on our own. That would make us “Former Thieves”, deep stuff!

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INTERVIEW: Cloud Nothings

For my latest interview, I got together with my good friend Dylan Baldi from Cloud Nothings and asked him a few questions regarding the past, present, and future of his awesome Cleveland pop project!  Jump for the full interview.

UPDATE: Cloud Nothings has signed to Carpark Records! Turning On is going to be getting an expanded re-release, check it out here!

The Noise Is: About a month ago, you got back from a bunch of dates with Wavves, including a Northside Fest date in Brooklyn also playing with DOM. How did the tour go as a whole?
Dylan Baldi: The tour was great. Nothing but good shows, the Brooklyn date being a highlight for sure. Also got a stuffed cat in Canada that was named “Santa Paws,” so yeah, good tour.

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INTERVIEW: Glitter Bones

My second interview for The Noise Is brings me together with psychedelic pop Chicago/Indiana duo, Glitter Bones. I talked with the young dudes about Chicago life, “chillwave”, their upcoming vinyl release, and Pokémon! Hit the jump for the full interview.

The Noise Is: Glitter Bones is fresh off a big show at the Empty Bottle opening for Toro Y Moi. How did that go?
Nick Donlin: I feel it went really well. It was our first show adding Chris in the mix. We’re adding guitar and more textures to the music. Live guitar, I should say.
Zach Vouga: Yeah, it was certainly a landmark show for us.  We all had a blast exploring the new sounds we’ve been conjuring. We even broke our rapper buddy, Mr. C, out of rehab for the evening to perform a song with us.
TNI: How did that work out, and what song?
ZV: It was a newish song called “Chapel Footwork”. He was amazing.
ND: Yeah, he’s done a few shows with us in the past over various different songs. As long as the beat has some sort of root in hip hop, he flows over it extremely well. He’s very gifted.

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INTERVIEW: Trouble Books

Recently I began thinking of new ways to expand The Noise Is as a music blog. You can come here and get some great music, see some nice show recaps, and maybe find out about an event or two. But nothing about these gets you into the head of the artists. Why do they make music? What drives them to make the music they do? Who influences them as an artist? So I proudly present the newest adventure for my blog…interviews! I hope this interview along with future ones will give you a proper insight into the bands and artists that truly make up my blog and keep me going.

My first interview is with Keith Freund of the Akron/Cleveland soft-droners Trouble Books. After two full-lengths, art gallery shows, green vinyl, and a long time in the Akron area, I sat down with Keith for a few words. Hit the jump for the interview.

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