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Big Troubles – “Sad Girls”

MP3: || Sad Girls ||

At the top of the list of my most anticipated albums for the rest of 2011 is New York power-pop quartet Big Troubles’ second album Romantic Comedy. “Sad Girls,” the ultra-catchy lead single from the record (with the best key change of 2011), now has a silly video to go with it. Watch the super ‘dorky’ video above and pick up the MP3 too. A light green/dark green 7″ is out now for “Sad Girls” from Slumberland, and Romantic Comedy will be out on September 27th.

BIGCOLOUR – “Lampshade Talker”

Listen to a new track and big 50’s bopper “Lampshade Talker” from Chicago lo-fi kids BIGCOLOUR, that’ll be making an appearance on their debut album. No date or title on the album yet, but keep an eye out as it’ll hopefully be out by the end of the year.

Swimsuit – “Sunlight” & “Evaporation”

MP3: || Sunlight ||

MP3: || Evaporation ||

As the weather in these summer months has been filled with sun-filled scorching days, Michigan reverb-pop group Swimsuit reminds us that “sunlight burns.” Check out the opener and closer off their self-titled debut that just recently got its release from Virginia label Speakertree Records, who previously released Cloud Nothings’ Turning On on vinyl. The “reverb-doused, surf-tinged, beautiful pop songs fighting with a hazy punk undercurrent” LP is available now on vinyl through Speakertree’s site, and is also streaming for a limited time on Speakertree’s BandCamp. I heavily recommend this album for any Beach Fossils fans out there, or pretty much anyone who enjoys a quick, fun summer album.

Total Babes – “Be So True”

MP3: || Be So True ||

Pitchfork posted this jam today, here’s the second track from Total Babes’ upcoming debut album, Swimming Through Sunlight. Preorder this LP on purple vinyl from Old Flame Records, out on August 30th and it’s limited to 200 copies. I advise you to do it cause this is one of my favorite albums of this year so far, listen to the opener “Like They Always Do” below.

MP3: || Like They Always Do ||

Total Babes – “Without Your Heart” [LIVE VIDEO]

Total Babes – “Like They Always Do”

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: || “Like They Always Do” ||

Listen to the first jam from Total Babes’ upcoming big lo-fi pop debut Swimming Through Sunlight. Total Babes, a side-project of Cloud Nothings, will be releasing the album through Old Flame Record, where you can preorder it on vinyl and tape here. They have some shows coming, one at the Happy Dog in Cleveland with Dino DNA and Library Time, check them below.

June 19 – New York, NY – Pianos
June 20 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio
June 21 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
June 23 – Brooklyn, NY – Public Assembly
June 24 – Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog

Cloud Nothings – “Forget You All The Time” [VIDEO]

Apache Dropout – “Teenager” [VIDEO]

One of Indiana’s best bands, Apache Dropout, live on Bloomington Cable Access TV, their debut is out now on Family Vineyard.

Dino DNA – “I Love You Now”

Genre: Garage, Pop, Surf
Year: 2011
Location: West Lafayette, IN / Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “I Love You Now” ||


“I Love You Now” will be the A-side of an upcoming 7″ being released this summer. Take a listen above, or head over to our Bandcamp to download both tracks from the 7″ for free.

BIGCOLOUR – “Somnambulist Bop” [VIDEO]

Here’s the newest tune and video from Chicago retro-boppers BIGCOLOUR, “Somnambulist Bop.” The amazingly shot and hazy video was directed by Kayla Kane, who also did the video for Centuries of Summer’s standout “Red Silk Bow.”  BIGCOLOUR said on their Tumblr that this will be on their forthcoming release, which I believe will be their debut album.  The first taste of their debut, “playing puzzles,” is now up on their Bandcamp for free.

Shoreway – Three Years

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Pop, Power Pop
Year: 2011
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “Daylight Dream” ||

MP3: || “Good Kids” ||

Two months after releasing their first track, “Daylight Dream,” and a couple days after a Record Store Day 7″ release for the same song, Cleveland garage-poppers, without any notice, just dropped their debut LP, Three Years.   Listen to the remixed version of the 90s pop anthem “Daylight Dream” and the big, catchy track “Good Kids” above.  Stream the incredible power-pop album in its entirety or buy it for $7 from their BandCamp.

Wavves – “King of the Beach” [VIDEO]

Kickstart BIGCOLOUR with new single “playing puzzles”

Genre: Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Psychedelic, Surf
Year: 2011
Location: Chicago, IL

LISTEN: || “playing puzzles” ||

Chicago minimalist dream-poppers BIGCOLOUR are asking for a little bit of help. They have a new album coming out sometime in late March/early April, and they want to give it an appropriate pressing on vinyl. And in order to do that, they need a good amount of funding. So they have put together a small “kickstarter” in which they have their first single from the new album, “playing puzzles,” available for download for $5 on BandCamp, and for every 10th person that buys the single will get their new LP for free! This is the least any fan of them can do, especially since their two 2010 EPs, Meshes of the Laughternoon and the fantastic Centuries of Summer, were released for free.  And it’ll feel really good to be a part of an amazing album, which judging by “playing puzzles,” will a great beach-kicking, foot-stomping, dream-weaving, “ohh la la”-filled pop adventure.

Lubec – Nothing Is Enough!

Genre: Fuzz, Pop, Indie Rock, Lo-fi
Year: 2010
Location: Richmond, VA
Label: The Acme Thunderer

MP3: || “Your Magic Wand” ||

MP3: || “Lubec Cherry Adair” ||

Lubec, out of a booming Richmond, VA music scene, have a fuzzy debut EP, Nothing Is Enough!, out this Tuesday. Here’s their fuzzed-out first single, “Cherry Adair,” and the poplicious follow-up single “Your Magic Wand” from the EP.

Wavves – “Mutant”

Genre: Pop, Lo-fi, Surf
Year: 2010
Location: San Diego, CA
Label: Fat Possum

MP3: || “Mutant” ||

“Mutant” is a bonus track off the Japanese version of King of the Beach. According to Nathan, the punk track is probably gonna be on a 7″ at some point.

Cloud Nothings – “Should Have”

Genre: Power-Pop, Indie Pop, Fuzz Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Carpark (US), Wichita (EU)

|| “Should Have” ||

“Should Have” is the newest fuzz-pop jam from the Cleveland pop stars, Cloud Nothings.  The Blink-influenced track will be on their upcoming self-titled second album, Cloud Nothings, which will be out on January 15th via Carpark Records.   Preorder is up on Insound, and if you preorder it soon, it will include this rad poster!  And preorder for “Should Have” on picture disc 7″ just went up on Insound.

Bridgetown Records’ Holiday Batch

Keeping with the holiday spirit, California label and friend Bridgetown Records has put together a special batch of CDs and CDrs for a super low price! You get 10 albums for $35 (US postage paid), and here’s the list of them:

#32: Kevin Greenspon + Cloud Nothings split CD
#30: Weed Diamond – Carry On + Sweater Kids combo CD
#29: Ancient Crux – Stage Fright + Live in LA combo CDr
#26: Junior Low – Heavy CDr
#25: Vehicle Blues – Changer CD
#23: Kevin Greenspon – In Serial CDr
#21: Trudgers – Always Crashing Heaven CDr
#17: Vehicle Blues – Punks on Transit CDr
#16: Cloud Nothings – Turning On CDr
#10: Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman – Blue Crush collab/split CDr

Included are some of their best releases this year, from Cloud Nothings, Vehicle Blues, Weed Diamond, and Kevin Greenspon.  You can grab some MP3s from the links above, or listen/download some of the albums I haven’t done posts on below. Act fast, cause this deal isn’t going to last very long! You can order the batch from the Bridgetown Website.

MP3: || Ancient Crux – “My Pillars Of Shame” ||

MP3: || Junior Low – “Smokes” ||

MP3: || Vehicle Blues – “Changer” ||

MP3: || Weed Diamond – “Mint In My Mouth” ||

Teen Daze – “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”

Genre: Indie Pop, Electronica
Year: 2010
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Label: Self-Released

MP3: || “Let’s Fall Asleep Together” ||

It seems some of us liked this summer’s explosion of lo-fi beach pop a lot more than others. As a result of some of the best music this year from bands such as Beach Fossils/Best Coast/Wavves, Canadian electro project Teen Daze wrote a summer EP to help you remember how great the summer was. Here’s the first track written for the EP, “Let’s Fall Asleep Together,” and you can go to their BandCamp and pay-what-you-want for the EP.

Ethopians – Beautiful Marmalade

Genre: Lo-fi, Garage, Noise, Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Tye Die Tapes

MP3: || “Buddha Tone (Organ Version)” ||

MP3: || “Dirty Glue” ||

Emerging from the dark suburbs, Ethiopians are another young set of kids furthering the already booming Cleveland music scene. Ethiopians is the duo of guitarist Marty Brass and drummer Paul Ryan, and they play a foxy pop sound covered with 60s-esque garage in a  lo-fi mindset. Above are tracks from their new cassette, Beautiful Marmalade, via the UK’s Tye Die Tapes, that can be ordered from Rough Trade right here.

Frankie Rose and the Outs – “Candy”/”Little Brown Haired Girls”

Genre: Indie Pop, Retro-Pop, Lo-fi
Year: 2010
Location: NYC
Label: Slumberland

MP3: || “Candy” ||

MP3: || “Little Brown Haired Girls” ||

Former Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Dum Dum Girls member Frankie Rose, put together her own all-girl lo-fi outfit and Frankie Rose and the Outs was born.  Their self-titled debut, just released on Slumberland, is a nice combination of a retro pop aesthetic and a natural lo-fi setting.  Check out two tracks above from the album, the infectious “Candy” and quick shimmering track “Little Brown Haired Girls.”  Pick up the LP/CD from the Slumberland Shop, and by the way, they’re really cheap!

And check out the music video for “Candy,” a great one this year paying homage to a girl named Carrie.



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