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Stream Big Troubles’ Romantic Comedy

Big Troubles’ second full length, the brilliantly named Romantic Comedy, will be out next Tuesday (9/27) on Slumberland, but Stereogum just put up the entire record for streaming. Go here to listen to ten tracks of British-influenced sweet-and-salty power-pop from the New Jersey kids.  I’ve only gone through it once, but my first impressions are that lovers of their first album, Worry, and the overall lo-fi aesthetic are not going to enjoy this album, much like people were disappointed with Smith Westerns’ Dye It Blonde.  But for any lover of pop music, this album pretty much has it all.  Production from Mitch Easter, who’s worked with Pavement and R.E.M. (RIP), has turned their drowned-out fuzz jams into bountiful tracks overflowing with additive riffs and huge moments.  It’s evident that this is the album that the Big Troubles boys wanted to make from the beginning, and it’s something they should be proud of.  Check out the silly video for first single “Sad Girls” below.


The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Belong”

Genre: Noise Pop, Twee, Indie Pop
Year: 2011
Location: NYC
Label: Slumberland

STREAM: || “Belong” ||

Stream the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart track “Belong” from their upcoming album of the same name. Pains teamed up with famed producer Flood to help give the new album a big punch, and judging by the :15 mark, he did exactly that. It’s also extremely great to still hear Kip Berman’s innocence pouring through the lyrics and that big fuzz that made me fall in love with Pains back in 2009. And look at the beautiful art for Belong below. Preorder is up on Insound.

HotChaCha – Fantastic Static

Genre: Post-Punk, Dark Pop, Noise Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Cleveland, OH
Label: Exit Stencil Recordings

MP3: || “Naked Glass” ||

MP3: || “Bukarest” ||

In Cleveland, HotChaCha lives up to their reputation as the bad-ass all-girl quartet who will beat you up and steal your beer, but still be super nice about it. After their 2009 full-length debut, The Hardest Working Telescope and the Violent Birth of Stars, HotChaCha rode on the success of that album with a brand new EP, Fantastic Static.  The album and EP exhibit a similar style of music, but the EP sounds bigger than any of their past music.  Maybe it’s their transition into darker songs, maybe it’s from their shows with noise veterans A Place To Bury Strangers, or maybe it’s because they recorded this EP with dark-pop friends We Are Hex.  It could be any of these, but I can easily say that the final product is their best to-date.  Listen/download the first and third tracks from the EP, “Naked Glass” and “Bukarest,” above.  The Gotta Groove-pressed recycled random-color 12″ vinyl with silk-screened artwork on recycled jackets can be picked up at one of their many shows, or  directly from Exit Stencil.

P.S. They have an upcoming show on Halloween at Lafayette’s The Black Sparrow, stay tuned for a flyer!

Seapony – “Dreaming”

Genre: Indie Pop, Fuzz Pop, Mid-fi
Year: 2010
Location: Seattle, WA
Label: Double Denim Records

MP3: || “Dreaming” ||

Seapony is a cute girl-boy-boy three-piece hailing from Seattle, WA. “Dreaming,” off their first release, is a deathly catchy pop track shouting fun guitar licks and nice girl vocals, feeling like a big wind blast of the salty ocean on your face and through your hair.  This is also the second release ever for UK’s Double Denim Records. Preorder the 7″ right here, and be quick about it cause the first 150 copies sold will be clear seafoam vinyl!

We Are Hex – “Birthplace of the Mystics”/”We Are The Goer”

Genre: Post-Punk, Dark Pop, Noise Pop
Year: 2010
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Label: Roaring Colonel Records

MP3: || “Birthplace of the Mystics” ||

MP3: || “We Are The Goer” ||

In a state music scene where indie folk usually rules, a band like We Are Hex is bound to stand out.  We Are Hex is a quartet from Indianapolis, making big, loud, and noisy post-punk.  They released their second full-length, Hail The Goer, back in the summer, but the music has hit me nicely in the fall months.  “Birthplace of the Mystics” and “We Are The Goer” are the opening tracks on the album, filled from beginning to end with dark pop melodies, haunting girl vocals, and nasty post-punk climaxes.  You can order the LP directly from Roaring Colonel, or you can head over to BandCamp and get the album for $6.  We Are Hex is going to be playing my DIY space, Jurassic Park, tomorrow night with fellow Indy friends Learner Dancer and Lafayette locals Why I Like Robins, so you Indianans should definitely stop by!

Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking… 7″

Genre: Pop, Experimental, Noise, Dream
Year: 2010
Location: Lafayette, CO
Label: Forest Family Records

MP3: || “I Was Thinking…” ||

MP3: || “Our Scenery” ||

I am a little late on the rush, but any time is a good time for Gauntlet Hair! I had the music a while back, but “I Was Thinking…” didn’t hit me until recently, and it hit big. I feel like every “witty comparison to something abstract” has been already written, so go read those for yourself. In the meantime, check out this incredible 7″ released by Forest Family Records.  If you were cooler than me and caught onto this earlier, you should have or did order the “cloudy” 7″, because at this point it has sold out. Rumor has it that they are have or are going to begin recording a full-length soon.



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