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YEARS – “Stay Inside”

MP3: || Stay Inside ||

Here’s the single from Lafayette, IN shoegazers YEARS’ debut album, It Can Kill. “Stay Inside” is a striking pop track which bears strange feelings of nostalgia for the familiar and unfamiliar, while still showing the dizziness of the past, present, and future. Singer/guitarist Jordan Banks’ voice sits comfortably over the wavering verses of foggy guitars and the crystal clear choruses. Even at the third track position on the album, the single acts as somewhat of a beginning, a climax, and a resolution to It Can Kill. The remaining nine tracks leave you to decide which ones fits YEARS best. All of It Can Kill is streaming on their website, and you can order the CD from their store.

broken light – “Dawn of Nothing”

MP3: || Dawn of Nothing || (Right-click to download)

Check out a fantastic track from the debut album of Indiana up-and-coming shoegaze-pop outfit, broken light. “Dawn of Nothing” is a soaring fuzz-pop anthem, with touches of Microcastle-era Deerhunter and a guitar melody that would make Yuck jealous.  The track, as uplifting as it wants you to feel, leaks with frontman Eric Komenda’s lyrics on emptiness and disarray, but you’ll never feel better yelling out lines like, “Greet the void the slowly swallows/ All your secrets until you’re barren and bleak.” The group recorded The Spring Tide, with Brett Sanderson of Champaign, IL band Headlights and the release date/label is TBA.  Head over to their Bandcamp to hear another track from the album, “Nucleo/tides.”

Stagnant Pools sign to Polyvinyl Records, share “Dead Sailor” MP3

MP3: || Dead Sailor ||

Bloomington shoegaze brother duo Stagnant Pools have signed to Polyvinyl Records, who will release their debut album Temporary Room. “Dead Sailor” is the first single from the album, and like past demos, is a chugging slab of wall-of-noise guitar fuzz that also makes for a fantastic pop anthem with hooking melody. According to Polyvinyl, the bros received a tour van as a recent graduation presents, so expect tours this summer and fall. Temporary Room will be out August 7th and is up for preorder from Polyvinyl’s store on white vinyl (limited to 300), black vinyl, and CD. Watch a video of them playing “Dead Sailor” in my old DIY space in West Lafayette, IN.

Stagnant Pools – “Consistency”

MP3: || Consistency ||

One of Indiana’s biggest up-and-comers Stagnant Pools just released the first taste of their upcoming 2012 record, release TBA. “Consistency” is a massive slice of punked-out sky-high shoegaze from the Bloomington brothers, and it definitely gives indications of a fantastic record from these two. Below is a video of the duo playing “Consistency” at my now-defunct basement venue Jurassic Park, and the song sounds just as huge.

Stagnant Pools – “Dead Sailor” & “Consistency” [LIVE @ JURASSIC PARK]

About this time last year, I let y’all know of DIY basement venue I was running called Jurassic Park in West Lafayette, IN. Well after a series of unfortunate events, I had to call things off for the rest of the year due to noise violations and neighbors problems. Well I started it up back in January with a different format and it has fit perfectly since. Over the span of four months, I had Reading Rainbow, Cast Spells (Dave from Maps & Atlases), husband&wife, The Modern Electric, Secret Colours, and a whole bunch more. I’ve started it back up after the summer and my friend Chris Loudenslager has come along for the ride to take great photos and high quality videos of some performances. I had Bloomington shoegaze duo Stagnant Pools come play last weekend, who I posted about last month, and they played a couple songs from their forthcoming album.

Yuck – “Coconut Bible”

Genre: Fuzz-Pop, Indie Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Rock
Year: 2011
Location: UK
Label: Fat Possum

MP3: || “Coconut Bible” ||

For those of you getting as antsy as I am for Yuck’s debut out on February 15th, here’s a fuzzilicious gem to hold you over for a little. “Coconut Bible” is the B-side of the upcoming 7″ single for “Holing Out,” which can be heard here along with other fantastic tracks from the album. Preorder the LP through Fat Possum or Insound.

Bridgetown Records Holiday Batch

Easily one of my favorite labels of 2010 was Bridgetown Records out of California. From Vehicle Blues’ Changer, to Weed Diamond Carry On + Sweater Kids, to Ancient Crux’s Stage Fright + Live in LA, and to my favorite in the split between Kevin Greenspon and Cloud Nothings, the label doesn’t stop releasing an eclectic mix of pop, ambient, lo-fi, and garage. There Holiday Batch is now available, with releases from Jen Paul / No Lakes, Trudgers, Whirl, and School Knights. Each item is $6 (postage paid), or you can get them all together for $20, and order soon because they are all selling pretty fast.  Personally, I can say that the Whirl cassette is terrific, but check out descriptions for each release below along with MP3s.

Bridgetown #34
School Knights – Rush S.K. cdr
During a brief break in output in his other band Weed Diamond, guitarist Michael Stein has paired up with Zack Roif to debut a powerful new pop duo that explores themes of school and youth, stripped down to thick octave chords and heavier drum rhythms not far off from a more punk-influenced Weed Diamond, but still just as carefree and fun-loving. Edition of 100.
MP3: || “Cliques” ||

Bridgetown #35
Trudgers – Bedrooms On Fire cdr
Dark, catchy and haunting stories of self-imposed tragedy. While others have taken the safe road and played by the limiting rules within the confines of goth revival genres, Brently Mitzner blends elements from a wider variety of musical styles to form a unique and authentic document of youthful despair and trite optimism. Revived from the original 4-tracked cassette masters for a Goaty Tapes release recorded in 2008. Edition of 75, includes lyric sheet.
MP3: || “Crashing In Your Car” ||

Bridgetown #36
Whirl – Distressor cassette
Debut album of dense, swirling shoegaze from this new 6 piece with members strewn about the San Francisco bay area. 7 songs of soothing, razor sharp guitar textures backed by soft, pillowy female vocals, anchored by a keen sense of timing and composition. Edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes with metallic imprinting and packaged in white cases with pro-printed j-cards.
MP3: || “Leave” ||

Bridgetown #38
Jen Paul / No Lakes – 1965 Ghost + Cherry Sap cdr
4-tracked shoegaze that stretches from hazy dreams to just shy of fleeting nightmares, told by guitar drenched in a blur of reverb and smeared on ferric tape. Jen Paul’s first CD and longest release to date, totaling 16 songs, all new material written after her split 12″ LP with Jeans Wilder on La Station Radar. Includes an out of print cassette available digitally for the first time from the original masters backed with a new album called Cherry Sap. Edition of 75.
MP3: || “Bottled Ships” ||

Yuck – Yuck

Genre: Fuzz-Pop, Indie Pop, Shoegaze, Indie Rock
Year: 2011
Location: UK
Label: Fat Possum

Rolling with great buzz in 2010, Yuck are set to have a big breakout year in 2011 with their self-titled debut. Yuck, out in February on Fat Possum, is bound to be overflowing with feel-good mega-fuzz-pop tracks, as choosing between the song below is like choosing between a Snickers and Three Musketeers! You can grab the MP3 for the indie rock epic “Rubber,” as well as a link to go download the Mogwai remix from RCRD LBL. Also check out the vintage racing video for “Georgia” and the stream of the newest single from the album, “Holing Out.” No preorder is up for the album yet, but you can order the already-released “Georgia” 7″ from Fat Possum, as well as check out their upcoming US dates with Smith Westerns here!

MP3: || “Rubber” ||

LINK: || “Rubber (Mogwai Remix)” ||

STREAM: || “Holing Out” ||

VIDEO: || “Georgia” ||

Annabel – “The Forgetting of Names and Faces”

Genre: Indie Rock, Shoegaze
Year: 2010
Location: Kent, Ohio
Label: Tiny Engines

MP3: || “The Forgetting of Names and Faces” ||

Following one of the best albums in 2009, Each and Everyone, Northeast Ohio big shoegazers Annabel come back with a new EP, Here We Are Tomorrow.  The 5-song EP is a continuation of their unique brand of fist-pumping skygaze, with a heavy pop backbone, and their best production to date.  Check out “The Forgetting of Names of Faces” above, or head over to Shock Mountain to download the entire EP.  Four of the five songs are getting an official 7″ release from Tiny Engines, with 300 copies on blue/white vinyl and 200 on maroon/white.  You can order one here for $6, or both of them for $10.

Annabel – Each and Everyone

Genre: Indie Rock, Shoegaze
Year: 2009
Location: Kent, Ohio
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars

1. Sleeping Lions
2. People and Places
3. Castles in the Air
4. Bouquet Mines
5. As It Happened
6. In Droves
7. Adventures…
8. Parade Rest
9. You Started Thinking Again, Didn’t You?
10. Widow Party
11. (As Yet) Untold Stories

Annabel released an EP called Now That Were Alive EP in 2008, and they re-recorded most of the songs on that EP for this full-length, with a result that’s nothing less than absolute magic. I strongly recommend the fist-pumping blaster “Parade Rest”.



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